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School Counselor of the Year & School Counseling Advocation of the Year Nominations

Nominations for the 2023 School Counselor of the Year and School Counseling Advocate of the Year are now open! 

Please visit the link below to access specific information about this year’s application.    

Nominations for the Alaska School Counselor of the Year are due September 30th by 5 p.m. Applications must be submitted by October 28th by 5 p.m. Nominations for the Advocate of the Year are due by October 28th by 5 p.m.  All documents should be saved as a single pdf and uploaded to Applicants will need to create a login to upload their application.

Questions can be directed to the Recognition Committee Chair, Sarah Swanson, or 907-744-0170.

Nomination Link for Advocate of the Year: 2023 Advocate of Year Award .pdf

Past Recipients

Year  Counselor of the Year   Advocate of the Year 
2022 Sara Miller Heather Coulehan
2020 Elizabeth Congdon-McGee Kris Busk
2019 Erin Hamilton John O'Brien
2018 Natalie Jones Sharon Fishel
2017 Andie Zink Karen Stephan
2016 Samantha McMorrow Sara Moore
2015 Kerry Nordstrom Carl White
2014 Natalie Kant Russell Vaucher
2013 none Michele Woods
2012 Jeff Walters Perry Corsetti
2011 Bob McCloy Cassie Wells
2010 Mary Ann Osiensky Tracy Pressley
2009 Sara Moore Wayne Gerke
2008 ? ?
2007 Lynn Hoffman Barb Shogren
2006 Sheila Beardsley Coney Danitz
2005 Sally Donaldson Linda Maloney
2004 Jon Lillevik Vanni Pritchard
2003 Joann Lester Wasilla Sunrise
2002 Jamie Ballentine Kris Forrester
2001 Shawnie Olson/ Jody Brown Alan Morotti
2000 Dana Kelly? ?
1999 ? ?
1998 Sharon McMullen Rick Matiya
1997 Barb Shogren Robb Boyer
1996 Valerie Demming ?
1995 Kris Forrester Fred Esposito
1994 Tom Osborne John Holst
1993 Connie Giddings Mike Chmielewski
1992 LaRue Davenport Bob Moore
1991 Pat Chitty Chris Jensen/ Wanda Cooksey
1990 Robbi Nadeau Lee Demmert

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